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KWR-629titanium dioxide, is by Panzhihua Kewei Mining Co., Ltd. for many years of production of high-grade special materials titanium dioxide by the accumulation of mixed experience and domestic and foreign sulfuric acid method at present advanced equipment, materials and technology production of R pigment titanium dioxide. KWR-629 has better color and blue phase in the current sulfuric acid products, and excellent covering power, weather resistance, dispersity. Suitable for coating, ink, plastic and other industries, is a multi-functional, multi-purpose high-grade rutile products.

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It is packed in inner plastic outer woven or paper-plastic composite bag, with a net weight of 25kg, 500kg or 1000kg polyethylene bags are available, and special packaging can also be provided according to user requirements.

Chemical material Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
CAS NO. 13463-67-7
EINECS NO. 236-675-5
Color index 77891, White Pigment 6
ISO591-1:2000 R2
ASTM D476-84 III, IV
Product status White powder
Surface treatment Dense zirconium, aluminum inorganic coating + special organic treatment
Mass fraction of TiO2 (%) 95.0
105℃ volatile matter (%) 0.5
Water-soluble matter (%) 0.3
Sieve residue (45μm)% 0.05
ColorL* 98.0
Achromatic Power, Reynolds Number 1920
PH of aqueous suspension 6.5-8.0
Oil absorption (g/100g) 19
Water extract resistivity (Ω m) 50
Rutile crystal content (%) 99

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Superior Color and Blue Shades:
One of the outstanding features of KWR-629 Titanium Dioxide is its excellent color and blue phase. Unlike traditional sulfuric acid products on the market, KWR-629 offers a visually striking shade that adds vibrancy to a variety of applications. Additionally, the blue hue in KWR-629 ensures a truly striking, captivating depth.

Unparalleled Coverage:
Coatings, inks and plastics are often subjected to harsh weather conditions and external aggression. This is where KWR-629's superior coverage comes into play. By utilizing this high-quality titanium dioxide, manufacturers can ensure a strong protective layer is formed to protect the underlying material, extending its life.

Weatherability and Dispersion:
The performance of any titanium dioxide product is greatly influenced by its weatherability and dispersion. Panzhihua Kewei Mining Co., Ltd. recognized this and formulated KWR-629 with high stress resistance. Whether it's scorching heat or heavy rain, KWR-629 will maintain its integrity for consistency and longevity.

Applications in coatings, inks and plastics industries:
The versatility of KWR-629 makes it ideal for the coatings, inks and plastics industries. Coatings formulated with KWR-629 not only enhance the aesthetics of surfaces, but also protect them from corrosion and deterioration. Inks infused with KWR-629 provide vibrant and long-lasting prints in a variety of applications. Plastics containing KWR-629 will exhibit increased strength, durability and aesthetics.
Panzhihua Kewei Mining Co., Ltd.: a trusted brand in the field of special materials
Panzhihua Kewei Mining Co., Ltd.'s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has strengthened its position as a trusted supplier of specialty materials, especially titanium dioxide. Panzhihua Kewei Mining Co., Ltd. adopts advanced production technology and employs the most advanced equipment to consistently provide products that meet and exceed industry standards.

In conclusion:
Panzhihua Kewei Mining Co., Ltd.'s KWR-629 represents the pinnacle of titanium dioxide production. Its excellent color, blue shade, hiding power, weather resistance and dispersion make it different from traditional products in the market. By incorporating KWR-629 into coatings, inks and plastics, manufacturers can take quality and performance to new levels. With Panzhihua Kewei Mining Co., Ltd. as a trusted partner, companies can confidently embrace the power of titanium dioxide to elevate their products to new heights.

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