Lithopone Made From Zinc Sulfide And Barium Sulfate

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Lithopone for painting,plastic,ink ,rubber.

Lithopone is a mixture of zinc sulfide and barium sulfate. lts whiteness, strong hiding power than zinc oxide,refractive index and opaque force than zinc oxide and lead oxide.

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One of lithopone's outstanding characteristics is its exceptional whiteness. The pigment has a brilliant white color that brings vibrancy and brightness to any application. Whether you are producing paints, coatings, plastics, rubber or printing inks, lithopone will ensure that your end product stands out with its unrivaled pure white shade.

In addition, lithopone has a strong hiding power beyond zinc oxide. This means less lithopone will have greater coverage and masking power, saving you time and money. No need to worry about multiple coats or uneven finishes anymore - the hiding power of lithopone ensures a flawless, even look in a single application.

In terms of refractive index and opacity, lithopone surpasses zinc oxide and lead oxide. Lithopone's high refractive index allows it to efficiently scatter and reflect light, thereby increasing the opacity of various media. Whether you need to enhance the opacity of paints, inks or plastics, lithopones deliver outstanding results, ensuring your final product is completely opaque.

In addition to its outstanding properties, lithopone has excellent stability, weather resistance and chemical inertness. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, even under harsh environmental conditions. You can rely on lithopone to stand the test of time, maintaining its luster and performance for years to come.

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products. Our Lithopone is manufactured using advanced technology and quality control processes to ensure consistent and reliable performance. We understand the importance of meeting your specific requirements, so we offer different grades of lithopone to meet the needs of various applications.

Basic Information

Item Unit Value
Total zinc and barium sulphate % 99min
zinc sulfide content % 28min
zinc oxide content  % 0.6 max
105°C volatile matter % 0.3max
Matter soluble in water  % 0.4 max
Residue on sieve 45μm % 0.1max
Color % Close to sample
PH   6.0-8.0
Oil Absorption  g/100g 14max
Tinter reducing power   Better than sample
Hiding Power   Close to sample



Used for paint, ink, rubber, polyolefin, vinyl resin, ABS resin, polystyrene, polycarbonate, paper, cloth, leather,enamel, etc. Used as a binder in buld production.
Package and Storage:
25KGs /5OKGS Woven bag with inner, or 1000kg big woven plastic bag.
The product is a kind of white powder which is safe , nontoxic and harmless.Keep from moisture duringtransport and should be stored in a cool, dry condition.Avoid breathing dust when handling, and wash withsoap & water in case of skin contact.For more details.

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